It’s safe to say that we’ve all encountered the phrase – reduce, reuse, recycle, and made some kind of change to be more conscious about our impact on the environment. However, there is one aspect of environmental pollution that is greatly overlooked and it’s caused by the device you’re using to read this article.

E-waste makes up around 70% of overall toxic waste that is dumped into our environment. That’s not a surprising statistic considering the fact that the average consumer purchases a new smartphone every 18 months. The question we should be asking ourselves is whether we should be recycling our e-waste in the same way we do plastic and glass.

The answer to the above question is fairly simple – yes we should and here’s why:

  • Recycling just 1000 laptops could save enough energy to power 3600 homes annually. By re-selling your pre-loved device, you are cutting it’s manufacturing waste by half.
  • Smartphones contain many precious metals and materials such as lead, mercury, iron and others, that result in harmful toxins being released in our water sources and agricultural land.
  • The laws and regulations on e-waste aren’t as easily enforceable and many manufacturers don’t see the need to implement programs to deal with this growing problem.

So how can you be part of the solution? Well first of all instead of having your old device gather dust in your drawer only to be tossed out later, you could look into giving it a second life by selling it online. 

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By selling your pre-loved phone, you’re not only receiving extra cash in your pocket but also helping to reduce your e-waste footprint.

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