There’s an endless list of why buying a refurbished phone is the way to go.

We’re breaking down the top 5 reasons for why perhaps you should consider a refurbished phone for your next upgrade.

Environmentally sustainable

Buying a refurbished phone decreases the manufacturing waste and impact of that device by half. Smartphones require a large amount of resources during its manufacturing process which in turn can lead to harmful waste being pumped into the environment as a result.

It’s cheaper

You can purchase the exact device you’re after for half the price. A lot of pre-owned tech retailers offer incredible discounts on a whole range of top brand phones. With different condition grades on the device – you can choose the level of pre-owned (visible signs of wear-and-tear), you’re comfortable with and pay accordingly.

I mean you would buy a pre-owned vehicle for less than what it would cost new, so why wouldn’t you do the same when purchasing tech?

Ditch the expensive contract

You can say goodbye to monthly instalments being deducted from your account each month. The best feature about refurbished tech is their affordability factor. It gives you the ability to pay for the device upfront and avoid those monthly payments – leaving you with extra cash in your pocket.

All the perks. Less hassle

Many pre-owned retailers offer you a 12 month warranty with your device and a money back guarantee- ensuring that when something goes wrong you’re not left in the dark.
This gives you the same level of guarantee and assurance you would receive when purchasing a brand new phone from the manufacturer, the only difference – no hassle of having to register for extra services as it’s usually automatically included with your purchase.

Less toxic waste in the environment

Many discarded electronics end up on landfills which pollute the environment with toxic e-waste. Smartphones contain many precious metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium that end up in our agricultural ground and subsequently end up in the food we consume.

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