With Apple launching their latest iPhone, the iPhone 12 in September 2020, you may be questioning if it’s time to cash in and add your name to the growing pre-order list or simple pick up a slightly older model like the X or the 11. Either way, your current iPhone is worth a few “Randelas” and we’re here to help you sell it.

We’ve all done it. Put your old phone away for a rainy day thinking you are being wise. But in reality, that device is is going to depreciate quicker than the Rand over a cabinet reshuffle, on the other hand, phones do not appreciate so don’t look at it like the Tesla Share price either. Sell it today, cash in on a few bob and put it towards your upgrade. With the current state of affairs driving the price of cellphones sky-high, there is no nobility in not looking to re-coupe costs.

Now, let’s get a lay of the land when it comes to moving this beloved iPhone on down the road.. You’re thinking a classifieds, let’s say Gumtree. Apart from meeting a Nigerian Prince, you may as-well be fluent in all 11 languages by the time you finally get a serious buyer who you are willing to take the plunge and meet face to face (PPE in tact). Now you’re thinking FB marketplace? Not a bad option and a more viable one for sure, but how many ” Hi, is this available” responses are you going to reply to before you realise this is an auto response and no one is fully invested in buying your old phone.

The list goes on, just as the issues do. Haggling, time wasting, fraud, dodgy, but we aren’t here to go into the dangers of selling your phone in SA. We are here to toot our own horn, Flip Phone was built to address these exact issues and make it seamless to sell your iPhone. Apart from selling your phone without stepping outside your front door, we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure you get the best price for your phone while making sure you are informed at every step of the process. And Yes, it’s completely FREE.

Simply go onto www.flipphone.co.za, select the model, enter a few details, get an instant onscreen price (backed by our price promise). We’ll collect from your doorstep and pay you out via EFT post inspection.