So you’ve set your collection date for tomorrow, you now need to back up your data and factory reset your phone before our courier collects it in the morning. Here’s how to go about doing and the different steps involved.

We are gathered here today to explore the best way to back up your iPhone or Samsung and factory reset it to ensure maximum security and privacy over your data. Another important factor is the time saving and hassle in entering in important data manually in your upgraded phone.

Use an iCloud Backup When You Have An iPhone.

To backup your data (photos, videos, apps, data etc), simply sign into your iCloud and make use of the free 5GB of storage. If you require more than 5GB (quite common) you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan of 50GB all the way to 2TB. Go ahead and connect to a Wi-Fi network > Settings [Your Name] > Tap iCloud > iCloud Backup. To see the progress level or see if the backup is complete, simply repeat the steps. Settings> Your Name> iCloud> iCloud backup. By clicking “back up now” you will be able to see the most recent back up available by the date/time stamp. Go through this same process to keep your backed-up content updated and to ensure that no data gets lost due to technical or Internet glitches.

Manually back up your iPhone with iTunes

If you chose not to use iCloud or do not want to pay for the extra storage, you can make use of iTunes on your Macbook/iMac. Here you can back up and store all your data for free with no storage cap. The only negative here is the backups are not automated, you will need to do these manually. Simply open iTunes and plug your iPhone into your computer. Click “Allow/Trust” where it asks your permission to trust the computer. Select your iPhone in the sidebar and click “Back Up Now”

Factory resetting your iPhone.

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. It will ask you to enter you Apple iD password to proceed.

Use Samsung Cloud When You Have A Samsung Phone

Here you will be using Samsung Cloud and you will need a Samsung account for your phone.

This option to back up your data is automatic but there is the option to change this in settings, to manual. On auto, once a day, when your phone is being charged and connected to Wi-Fi, it will back up. These back ups happen when there is no activity detected by the phone for more than an hour.

To use this option, go to Settings > Clouds & Accounts > Samsung Cloud > Back up my data. Alternatively click on Settings > Cloud & Accounts > Backup &reset > Back up my data. Switch on every item you have chosen to back up, in the settings menu. Click “Back up now”. To upgrade your Samsung device storage, go to Settings > Cloud & Accounts >  Samsung Cloud > Manage cloud storage > Change storage plan.

Use Your Google Account

In the case you do not have a Samsung account but rather a Google account, use this option to back up your data. Simple sign into your Google account, Google will automatically start a backup of your phone.

To check Google is busy backing your phone data up, click “Settings” and click the search engine bar at the top. Look for “Back Up” and select the first choice that shows up — this first choice would differ based on the type of Android phone you have.

If you do not have a Samsung account, but have a Google Account instead, consider using the latter as a platform to store all your phone data. Sign into your Google Account (if you have not done so already) on your phone. Once you are logged into your Google account, Google would back up your phone data, such as your phone display preferences, passwords, Wi-Fi networks and even your Android settings details, automatically. Google Photos would also back your existing photos and videos up. To ascertain that Google is indeed backing your phone data up, head towards “Settings” and click the search engine bar at the top. Look for “Back Up” and select the first choice that shows up — this first choice would differ based on the type of Samsung/Android version your phone is running. If your phone shows “Back up to Google Drive” at the top of the screen, ensure that it is already toggled on. Otherwise, when your phone displays “Automatic restore” and “Back up my data”, double-check to ensure that both are toggled on.

Log out/delete your account synced to your phone

From Settings > Accounts and backup > Accounts> Select Account > Personal info > Click more options > Click remove account > Click remove.
Enter your password and then click OK. Done!

Be sure to remove your SIM! Here at Flip Phone, we aim to provide a safe, free and hassle free experience for all our customers who are selling their phone!