We’re looking at why you need to upgrade your phone like yesterday. Besides from the cracked display leading to aggravated tapping and the joy when shards splinter your thumb.. here are our top 5 leading reasons why we should see you buying a phone today on Flip Phone.

Numero Uno: WhatsApp decided they don’t care about you.

The App has stopped supporting its software on a number of smartphones as of last December, where it took particular aim at Windows users or more specifically windows operating systems. If you are one of the chosen 2.4 million Windows phone owners ( you currently rep only 0.7% of the mobile phone market) then unfortunately you would have noticed your WhatsApp came to a sudden death circa 31 December 2019. Now all you iPhone and Galaxy folk reading this aren’t off the hook either … As of a few days ago, any device running IOS older than IOS7 and Android version 2.3.7 are also getting the chop . Now this sounds all very depressing but when you realise the age of these operating systems you’ll have a chuckle. We’re looking at the iPhone 5s and 5c from the Apple range and the Samsung S/ Nexus S. WhatsApp released a statement saying anyone using these older phones can no longer create new accounts or reverify existing accounts, the logic is quite simple says WhatsApp:”Because we no longer actively develop for these operating systems, some features might stop functioning at any time” .. Fair point.

Numero Dos: Phone Storage is crippling your App choices

Personally speaking, i’m not a big selfie fan so my phone isn’t riddled with the right side of my face (or left if thats your angle) but i do enjoy my apps and this is where the headache starts.. nothing worse than being told you dont have any space left for the latest dating app that could revolutionise the subtle art of cat fishing. But in all honesty, we are taking more photos and videos than ever before ( this was a great vid, glad the tannie had good storage..) and IOS are releasing more updates than JZ court cases.

Numero Tres: Wireless Phone Charging Coupled with Quick Charging

So the above heading is quite misleading from the point of view that wireless charging does not speed up the charging process compared to the archaic cable situation. It is a very cool feature however and in the case you forget your charger or break the cable, this is a very good feature to have on hand. It really makes life easier( we all have perfected the one hand cable from the phone removal but imagine saving that second as well as the energy).. priceless. Some really great news from Apple is the new and improved 18- watt charger gives you a 50% charge in 30 Minutes! Please note they only include these units in the iPhone 11 pro and pro Max boxes.

Numero Cuatro: You want a faster phone

The newly released iPhone 11 Pro Max was marketed to show off its A13 Bionic Processor, though you may see the odd A12 Bionic knocking around here and there. If you own an iPhone 7 or earlier, upgrading now will guarantee you see a speed increase, especially if you switch between multimedia apps and games. Faster speed means the ability to multitask between apps quickly and seamlessly without lag.

Numero Cinco: Battery Life Is vital and you’re currently suffering.

Do we realise how dependant we are on the little battery logo top right and the dopamine levels it gives us when full? Longer battery life means more usage throughout the day without needing to rush to your nearest plug point/computer to charge your phone. The newly released iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best of the iPhone range in terms of battery – sporting a 3,969mAh. But something to remember around devices with “promoted battery life” is that devices with QHD displays will drain battery life quicker than lower resolution displays but here is the kicker, battery capacity is measured in milliamp hours/mAh and the higher the mAh, the higher technical capacity BUT the devices with the highest mAh don’t necessarily have the best battery life! So be smart and do your homework.

So all in all, upgrading your phone doesn’t equate to purchasing a completely brand new device. Buying a refurbished phone is a far more sustainable way of upgrading without the environmental impact and price tag that will knock you out. Check out our range of refurnished devices as well as new/sealed today!