Certified Refurbished Pre-owned devices are becoming the new normal and making it possible for many to get their hands on the latest tech at a fraction of the cost. We’re breaking down the essentials you need to know when purchasing one.

What is a CPO refurbished device?

CPO in short translates to a certified pre-owned device, exactly the same concept as heading down to your car dealer and buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. A CPO refurbished device is one that has gone through extensive testing procedures evaluating the phones battery health, connectivity status, camera quality and more. Registered retailers also check that the device is not a stolen phone or that it has not been blacklisted. All the data perviously stored on the device is wiped off and reset back to it’s factory settings to ensure you get a phone that is as good as new. 

Used Vs Refurbished phones

Used phones are devices that have been previously owned by an individual who now wishes to sell it. These devices do not go through tests and are not refurbished so you are not 100% guaranteed that the device is in its original working order. They are sold by individual sellers and do not come with any sort of warranty or guarantee so should anything go wrong with the device, you would have cover the cost of repairs. You as a consumer have limited rights in terms of protection against the device, should you not be happy with the condition in which the device arrives.

Buying a refurbished phone means that the device has gone through the necessary inspection and been completely wiped of all its previous data. These devices also often come with a warranty, so should anything go wrong with the device, it wouldn’t have to be repaired at your expense.

Purchasing a device from a registered reseller also protects your rights as a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, where this might not be the case when buying from a private seller. 

What to to look out for when buying a refurbished phone?

There are a lot of scammers out there trying to make a quick buck. To ensure you don’t fall victim to this crime, first go and read up about the retailer on social media, online blogs or even reviews to see if the company is legit. Also check to see if the device you are wanting to buy comes with a warranty, you don’t want to have to fork out money for damages when you could have just bought the same device new at a registered retailer. 

Transparency is key! If the retailer cannot give you all the information pertaining to the device in terms of delivery, condition of the device or even any contact information – you might want to do more investigating or move on to another place.

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