Comparing Apples with Apples

On the 12th of September 2017, Apple sent brand loyal customers into a tech frenzy with the reveal of the next generation iPhone. The iPhone X. This iPhone is said to mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone series  and many are calling it “the best iPhone to date”.

The innovation, however, doesn’t stop there. Fast forward a few months later, where many were left baffled at the announcement of three new iPhone devices set to hit the market. Cue the new 2018 iPhone models: the iPhone XS, XS max and XR.

One iPhone forward, three iPhones back

Picture this, you’ve just pre-ordered the iPhone X. Waited months to receive this revolutionary new piece of technology with its sleek design and one of a kind screen, only to discover that you’re already an iPhone behind. So the question posed today is whether or not it’s worth heading back down to your nearest retailer and upgrading to a newer model or hanging onto your much anticipated iPhone X.

As consumers we are not so much interested in the nitty gritty tech talk but more curious as to whether we made the right purchase or whether it’s time to reconsider. So what are the main differences between these different models?

The coveted iPhone XS and XS max

These two models are real powerhouses. They are the first of their kind, built using a 7nm process meaning that it is 15% faster than previous generations while at the same time using 40% less energy. In short, it’s a powerful beast.

In terms of battery life the XS max can last up to 25 hours while the XS doesn’t fall too short at 20 hours. Meaning more endless hours scrolling through instagram and Facebook.

The iPhone XR

Apple launched the iPhone XR with the intention of it being a “low-cost” version to its counter parts the X and XS. Coming in hot at a price point between R16 000 and R19 500.

The main difference between the iPhone XR, XS and X, is the display. The XR’s display comes in at around 6.1 inches which is a nice middle ground between the iPhone XS and XS max. To lower the cost of the phone, Apple opted to go for a LCD display instead of the revolutionary new OLED display.

In a generation where we are consumed by sharing every second of our daily lives on social platforms, camera quality has become a major factor when choosing a phone. Another major difference between the iPhone XR and XS is the camera. The XR only offers a single-camera lens while the Xs has dual sensor camera’s, meaning that features such as portrait mode might not be as crisp and clear as the more expensive iPhone XS and XS max.

On the outside the iPhone XR might seem slightly different with a wider variety of colour options, a single lens camera and a slightly larger screen, what really matters is what’s going on under the hood of this power machine. Similar to the iPhone XS and XS max, the iPhone XR also features Apple’s new A12 Bionic processor enabling users to experience a more powerful machine dynamic.

Since launch, it has been the top selling iPhone and we can see why. At a more affordable price you are basically receiving the same value as what you would if you had purchased the iPhone X or XS.

At the end of the day it boils down to what value you see in aspects of these various iPhones. If you don’t care much about the supersonic lens of the iPhone XS, not really interested in spending an arm and a leg on a phone, yet still want to feel part of Apple’s new revolutionary iPhone generation, the iPhone XR might just be the phone for you.

So what’s the moral of the story? Should you upgrade?

Well if you have R30 000 gathering dust somewhere, by all means splurge and “treat yourself” with the iPhone XS or XS max. However, the iPhone XR offers the same value at a more affordable price so if you’re an Apple fanatic that loves staying on the pulse but doesn’t really want to fork out so much dough, the iPhone XR is the ideal choice. So for those who still have the iPhone X and are looking to upgrade – there are plenty of platforms where you can sell your device and upgrade to newer apple generations.

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